Shironuri Style & Cyber Goth on The Street in Harajuku

C and Memetan – one in shironuri fashion and the other in cyber goth style – caught our eye in Harajuku after dark.

Memetan – on the left in cyber goth style and hair falls – is wearing a faux fur sleeved jacket that she got in America over a black top that she picked up online, neon net stockings, furry leg warmers, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories include her handmade hair falls wig, a black studded hat, goggles, and a furry eyeball bag which she got as a gift. Memetan’s favorite music is anisong (anime music) and she said that she likes messy fashion. For more info, find her on Twitter.

C – on the right in shironuri makeup and a double buns hairstyle – is wearing a white cape over a top that she picked up a Shimokita vintage shop with a Swimmer skirt over a vintage panier, Dangerous Nude doll ball joint tights, and Bodyline rocking horse shoes. Accessories include cute Swimmer rabbit gloves and a Swimmer purse. C’s favorite fashion brands include Romantic Standard and Limi Feu. Her favorite musicians include Nine Inch Nails and Jack White. For more info, check out C’s personal blog.

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