Shoshipoyo w/ Buccal Cone, Pin Nap, Moschino, OS Accessories & Cyber Dog in Harajuku

Shoshipoyo is a Bunka Fashion College business student – and up-and-coming Japanese street style icon – who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. He is a big booster of emerging and underground Japanese – and international – designers.

When we met him this time, Shoshi was wearing a fuzzy jacket from the Harajuku vintage shop Pin Nap over Buccal Cone and Nikki Lipstick tops, Buccal Cone sheer kanji print pants, and platform Nike sneakers. Accessories include his OS Accessories walrus cap (worn over a Nike headband), a black scarf, OS Accessories bone earrings, an OS Accessories necklace, a Moschino Barbie mirror iPhone case, and a round holographic Cyberdog bag.

Shoshipoyo’s favorite shop right now is Funktique and he listens to the music of Brooke Candy. For more info, find Shoshi on Instagram or Twitter.

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