Shoushi & Hikari in Harajuku w/ Freak City, Dolls Kill, Orla Kiely, Angel Blue, Poco A Poco & Current Mood

While walking at the street in nighttime Harajuku, our eye was caught by 20-year-old Hikari (right) who is sporting a colorful look, and Shoushi (left) wearing a black ensemble. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

At the right, Hikari’s colorful style features resale pieces such as a teal cropped jacket over a floral print tank top and yellow tube top, pink gingham pants, Little Twin Stars transparent tote, and Orla Kiely shoes. Her accessories include a pink heart headband, a green choker, Angel Blue floral belt, and Poco A Poco printed socks. Hikari’s favorite brand is Punk Cake and she listens to the music of Pocket Biscuits. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

At the left sporting a black outfit, Shoushi is wearing a Freak City sweatshirt, Current Mood leather shorts over fishnet stockings, a white chain purse from Chanel, and thigh high pointed boots from Dolls Kill. Shoushi’s accessories include hand-me-down silver earrings, a Louie Vuitton head scarf, a silver Bitch necklace, suspenders, and multiple silver rings. Shoushi’s favorite brand is Freak City and she likes the music of Brooke Candy. Find Shoushi on Instagram or Twitter for more pictures!

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