Sinz Harajuku Street Style w/ Vinyl Record Headpiece, Hyper Core Shirt, Tulle Skirt & Pointy Suede Booties

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street one afternoon is Sio, the 19-year-old Sinz Harajuku staffer.

Sio is dressed in top layers consisting of a black printed t-shirt and a striped pink-and-black sweatshirt, sourced from Cecile and Hyper Core. She paired her tops with a see-through tulle skirt with black stripes, donned black Forever21 fishnet tights, and stepped into a pair of pointy lace-up suede booties. The Sinz staffer accessorized her look with a vinyl record headpiece, a black spiked necklace, a pair of striped fingerless gloves with graphic prints and leather spiked bracelets from Sinz. Some of her accessories are from Takahashi.

Sio’s favorite fashion label is Sinz and she enjoys music from Hikari Shiina. Check out Sio’s style feed on Twitter and Instagram.

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