Sporty Harajuku Duo in Stussy & Stussy Women, Big Love Records, Unused, Neon Sign, Converse & Vans

In Harajuku, we met Kentarou, a beautician, and Kyoka, an apparel worker. They caught our attention with their sporty minimalist street styles.

Kentarou is wearing an olive green Stussy coat over a black shirt from Big Love Records and black, cuffed pants from Neon Sign. Converse sneakers, a black backpack from Japanese brand Unused, and accessories – some from Unused – such as vintage sunglasses, bracelets and a wire ring complete his look. Kentarou’s favorite brands/shops are Big Love Records and After School. He listens to Communions. He is active on Instagram.

Orange-haired Kyoka’s ensemble features a black bodycon skirt and fur-trimmed jacket – both from Stussy Women – a white sweatshirt, socks, and Vans checkerboard slip ons. Her accessories include hoop earrings, a chunky ring, and ‘The Concents’ canvas tote. Koyka loves to shop at OTOE and she listens to Joyce Wrice. Follow her on Instagram!

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