Sporty Harajuku Street Style w/ Candy Stripper, Skoot, Grafea, Amijed, Nyulycadelic, Alice Black & Demonia

Ayaka is a 19-year-old student we met in Harajuku. She caught our eye with her sporty street style.

Ayaka’s ensemble consists of a Candy Stripper tank top over a black mesh long sleeved top from H&M, purple track pants from Skoot, cheetah print socks, and black creepers from Demonia. Her accessories – some from Amijed, Nyulycadelic and Alice Black – include a navy blue cap, Vivienne Westwood orb pendant necklace, hoop earrings, ear cuffs and silver earrings, leather cuff bracelets, an armor ring, a belt ring, a midi ring, and silver rings, and a leather backpack from Grafea.

Ayaka’s favorite fashion brands are Vivienne Westwood, XU, Dog Harajuku and Candy Stripper. She likes to listen to Miki Nakajima. Follow her on Instagram.

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