Statement Street Styles in Harajuku w/ WIA, Syro, M.Y.O.B., Moschino, Dog Harajuku, Moonzone & 99%IS-

While walking along the Harajuku street, our eye was caught with this group of four who were all wearing black statement street styles. They are 16-year-old Amayas (far right), Ela (middle right), Kenta (middle left), and Elin (far left). Let’s have a closer look at their individual outfits.

Amayas’s monochrome outfit features a white fur coat from WIA, a long sheer dress from Forever21, and a high-waist leather zipper skirt, also from Forever21. Nike socks, platform booties from Syro, and accessories – handmade and from M.Y.O.B., Moschino, Dog Harajuku and Moonzone – such as a headdress, gaugued ears, a lip, nose and ear connector, statement earrings, a “Sex” collar necklace, and a floral armor ring. Amaya’s favorite brands are M.Y.O.B. and Damage and they listen to the music of Die Antwoord and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Amayas is active on Instagram.

Ela’s all black ensemble consists of a leather zipper jacket from 99%IS-, a tube top, a zipper pantsuit from Discount Universe, and statement spike heels from Privileged. Her accessories include a studded headband, cat eye sunglasses, and an o-ring collar necklace from Bershka. Ela’s favorite brands are 99%IS- and Dog Harajuku. Follow Ela on Twitter and Instagram.

Pink-haired Kenta is wearing a printed net sweater and wide leg pants set from M.Y.O.B., boots from MCM, and a Gucci printed clutch. Accessories include silver statement earrings, layered necklaces, a body chain, a white belt, a charm bracelet, and a silver ring. Versace and Gucci are two of Kenta’s favorite brands and he loves Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Follow him on Instagram.

And lastly at the far left, Elin’s all black outfit includes an oversized kimono sweater, fishnet stockings, a geometric chained clutch, and Jeffrey Campbell suede boots. Her accessories include a black floral headdress, a ribbon choker, and a pearl necklace. Her favorite brand is M.Y.O.B. She is active on Instagram.

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