Steampunk Style in Harajuku w/ Hat Hairpiece, Twin Tails, Algonquins Vest, Tiered Skirt, Skull Handbag & Ankle Strap Shoes

Meet Haruba-do, a worker in the shipping industry whom we met on the Harajuku street.

Sporting curly twin tails, the 27-year-old worker stepped out in a sleeveless cropped vest from Algonquins, which feature a leatherette panel and double-breasted buttons. They wore a maroon sleeveless collared shirt under the vest, which they styled with a black necktie, and donned black arm warmers with belted details and lace cuffs. Haruba-do donned a black tiered ruffle skirt, monochrome socks, and stepped into a pair of black ankle-strap sandals with grommets. They carried a black leather handbag from Alngonquins, and finished off their style with a skull print bucket hat hairpiece and multiple hoop earrings.

Haruba-do lists Putumayo, Algonquins and Sex Pot Revenge as their favorite fashion labels, and they love listening to the music of Vocaloid and Dir En Grey.

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