Lolita Street Fashion in Harajuku w/ Bunny Ears, Bows, Angelic Pretty, Nile Perch, Miu Miu, Nannan Special & RoseMarie Seoir

Easily grabbing our attention on the Harajuku street one afternoon with their pastel lolita fashion styles are Ruruzi, Anqi and Boshen.

At the left we have Ruruzi, who is dressed in a Nile Perch blouse with a satin collar, styled with a blue-and-pink striped jumperskirt with teddy bear prints from Angelic Pretty. Sheer pink ruffle socks, Mian Yang Paofu baby doll shoes, and a heart-shaped ruffle bag from Nannan Special completed her ensemble. Her accessories – mostly handmade – include a blue beaded bow headband, bow pearl earrings, and gold chain necklace with a pastel pendant. In addition, she is carrying a bear plushie crossbody bag. Ruruzi’s favorite fashion brand is Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, and she is active on Instagram.

Sporting twin tails at the middle is 19-year-old Anqi. She is clad in a purple-hued lolita dress from Angelic Pretty, sheer purple socks, and a pair of purple glitter heels from RoseMarie Seoir. She embellished her style with pink bunny ears, a purple bow headband, dangling earrings, a pearl necklace, and a colorful beaded bracelet. A bunny plushie, a fuzzy ring, and a pink heart-shaped bag completed her look. Anqi likes to shop at Angelic Pretty, Eatme and Milk, and she is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Boshen with ombre pink tails is wearing a yellow-and-blue striped lolita dress with ruffles and cat prints from Angelic Pretty, which she styled with white ruffled lace socks, white bow shoes from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, and a mauve backpack from Miu Miu with cute keychains. Her accessories – mostly from Angelic Pretty – include a pink beret, ice cream cone earrings, and white lace cuffs. In addition, Boshen in carrying a ruffle parasol. Miu Miu and Angelic Pretty are two of Boshen’s favorite fashion brands, and she is also active on Instagram.

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