Dark Harajuku Streetwear & Dip Dye w/ Morph8ne, Killstar, Dolls Kill, Nyulycadelic & Restyle

In Harajuku, we met djkuu and Ayaka, both 23 years old. They caught our attention with their goth/punk streetwear outfits, let’s take a closer look!

djkuu’s ensemble consists of a black Morph8ne sweatshirt, blue plaid pants, black high tops, and a black Killstar leather backpack. His accessories include a Nyulycadelic black face mask and an o-ring leather phone strap. His favorite fashion brands include Killstar and Long Clothing. He listens to hiphop, electronic, and funk music. He is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

In additon to her blue-pink-purple twin tails dip dye hairstyle, Ayaka’s outfit features a Morph8ne cropped top, a black pleated skirt, fishnet stockings, platform boots from Dolls Kill, and a backpack from Restyle. Her accessories include black hair bows, black ear studs, an o-ring choker, and a heart leather ring. Her favorite brand is Morph8ne. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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