Style Bloggers Francis Lola & Ellen V Lora in Harajuku w/ Deandri & Skinnydip London

We met these two style bloggers in Harajuku during last month’s Tokyo Fashion Week events. Here is a little information about their fashion:

Francis Lola (the one with pink hair) is wearing a crop top and plaid skirt from Deandri, a backpack from Skinnydip London, and heeled lace-up boots from UNIF. Her harness is also from Deandri. Francis likes listening to Major Lazer, Skrillex and Jack Ü, and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Ellen V Lora (the one with purple hair and hat) is also active on Instagram. She is also wearing a Deandri outfit, including a crop top, mini skirt, and accessories. Her backpack is from Iphoria and her heeled loafers are from Young Hungry Free. She mentioned she likes shopping at Deandri and Zana Bayne, and that she’s a Diplo, Odezsa and Drake fan.

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