Stylish Harajuku Guy in Pink and Black Fashion w/ LHP, Never Mind the XU, Yosuke & Gypsy Cloth

While walking on the street in Harajuku, our eye was caught by 20-year-old Fumiya wearing a pink and black ensemble along with his light pink hair.

Fumiya’s street style fashion features black skinny pants from LHP (Lazy Hazy Planet), a black button down shirt, a pink Never Mind the XU jacket, Yosuke platform boots, and a black handbag from Gypsy Cloth. His accessories – some from Never Mind the XU – include a black and white beret, a transparent ear clip, a bracelet cuff, an O-ring cocktail ring, and a brown belt.

Fumiya likes Korean fashion brands and shops and he listens to K-pop music. He is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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