Stylish Japanese Menswear Style w/ Christopher Nemeth Two-Tone Jacket, Leather Pants, Maison Margiela Boots & Printed Tote

Meet Riku, a 16-year-old whose stylish ensemble easily caught our eye on the streets of Harajuku.

Sporting a blunt bob, Riku is dressed in a two-tone dark blue and khaki collarless jacket, styled with a brown t-shirt with a printed asymmetrical panel, both of which are from Christopher Nemeth. He styled his layered tops with faux leather cuffed pants, black leather Maison Margiela zipper boots, and a monochrome print canvas sling bag from Christopher Nemeth. Riku supplemented his outfit with accessories such as a star statement earring, Christopher Nemeth coat badges, and multiple silver rings.

Christopher Nemeth is Riku’s favorite fashion label, and he is active on Twitter.

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