The Ivy Tokyo Jewelry Designer Mothers & Daughter Street Styles w/ Growing Pains, Vivienne Westwood & Gucci

While taking a stroll through the streets of Tokyo’s famous Harajuku neighborhood, we were lucky to run into Tsumire, the jewelry designer of The Ivy Tokyo and her adorable 3-year-old Ivy. We have been street snapping Tsumire for many years and it’s always a pleasure to see her and her wonderful daughter.

Sporting a two-tone hairstyle, Tsumire is dressed in a black patent leather belted jumper dress from Growing Pains, which she wore over a dark green paisley print button down shirt. She sported a pair of blue colorblock sneakers from Reebok and a printed drawstring bag from Gucci. Her accessories include a nurse cap from Growing Pains, colorful hair clips, floral drop earrings from The Ivy Tokyo, a Dolce & Gabbana gold watch, and a silver armor ring from Vivienne Westwood. Tsumire’s favorite fashion labels are Growing Pains and Vivienne Westwood, and she likes listening to the music of BES. Tsumire is active on Instagram.

Cute little Ivy is wearing a green velvet Chinese-style dress, yellow tights, and yellow loafer shoes. She is sporting twin buns with blunt bangs, pink bows on her hair, pretty flower earrings from The Ivy Tokyo, and a black crossbody bag from Vivienne Westwood. For more on her cute fashion styles, follow Ivy on Instagram.

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