Tokyo Avant-Garde Streetwear Style w/ Huge Mohawk, Handmade Fashion, Comme des Garcons Mesh Top, LAD Musician Maxi Skirt & John Lawrence Sullivan Boots

Making a fashion statement on the streets of Tokyo is Nagi, the student and model whose eye-catching streetwear looks always gets him featured on our Harajuku street snaps.

This time, Nagi is sporting a black and red ensemble in addition to his huge black mohawk hairstyle. He stepped out in a handmade red-and-black cropped leather jacket with flared cuffs, silver chains, studs and safety pin embellishments. He wore the jacket over a black mesh top from Comme des Garcons, donned a black maxi skirt from LAD Musician and stepped into a pair of leather boots from John Lawrence Sullivan. Nagi accessorized with tinted round sunglasses, mismatched earrings, a handmade leather choker and silver chain necklaces, a handmade leather harness with silver chain trims and multiple silver knuckle rings. Most of his accessories are resale items. In addition, Nagi is carrying a handmade leather tote bag with silver chain straps.

Nagi lists Comme des Garcons and Anrealage as his favorite fashion labels and he enjoys listening to hip hop music. Follow Nagi’s eye-catching streetwear looks on Instagram.

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