Tokyo Couple Street Style w/ Pink Braids, Smiley Face Earrings, Nincompoop Capacity Lace Overlay Pants, Candy Stripper Furry Coat, Hoodie Sweater, JanSport Backpack, Tokyo Bopper Sneakers & Dr Martens Boots

We caught up with Masao and Takako on the Harajuku street one afternoon. This duo is often featured on our street snaps because of their colorful and coordinated streetwear styles.

At the left is Masao, who is dressed in a dark green jacket from Nincompoop Capacity, which feature a shearling lining, a furry hoodie, and fuzzy pink leopard print sleeves. He wore the jacket over a light pink Candy Stripper loose knit sweater with a center cartoon chest print, and a white button down shirt. Hot pink pants with blue lace overlay from Nincompoop Capacity, pink-and-white printed socks, and blue-and-white sneakers from Tokyo Bopper completed his outfit. Masao accessorized his style with a hot pink cap and white-framed glasses. For more on Masao, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Takako’s style consists of a long pink furry coat from Candy Stripper, which she styled with a Nincompoop Capacity printed hoodie sweater and a pink-and-blue plaid shirt. She paired her layered outerwear with light pink pants with white floral lace overlay, also from Nincompoop Capacity. Takako – sporting a pink braided hairstyle – finished off her style with Dr. Martens floral print boots, a fuzzy yellow smiley face beret, and a pair of smiley face earrings. In addition, Takako is carrying a pink JanSport backpack with multiple cute plushie keychains and pin badges. Takako is also active on Instagram.

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