Tokyo Deconstructed Street Style w/ Blue Hair, Jeweled Mask, Sulvam Coat, Sheer Organza Top, Patent Pants & Rain Boots

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku is Kanji, the 18-year-old student and avant-garde streetwear enthusiast we often feature on our street snaps.

This time, Kanji – sporting blue hair – stepped out in a black deconstructed coat from Sulvam, worn over a sheer pink organza top and white floral print tank top. Red patent leather pants tucked into printed ribbed socks, and pink camouflage rain boots rounded out his style. A colorful jeweled mask, green paisley print scarf, and a yellow round sling bag are the finishing touches to his casual avant-garde look.

For more of his avant-garde streetwear looks, follow Kanji on Instagram and Twitter.

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