Tokyo Duo in Winter Street Fashion w/ Barragan, Anton Berluti, Rowan Clothing Co., Vejas, Alpha, Eckhaus Latta, Levi’s, Gucci & MM6

While in Tokyo, we met Under 0th, a 20-year-old graphic designer, and Papi, a 21-year-old shop staff, both sporting winter street fashion.

Under 0th’s ensemble consists of a fur coat over a sheepskin leather jacket from Barragan, a shirt from Anton Berluti, distressed pants from Rowan Clothing Co., and black and white zipper sneakers. His accessories – from Vejas –
include a fur and leather choker necklace and some silver chains. His favorite brands are Radd Lounge, Rick Owens and Vejas and he listens to Led Zeppelin.

At the right, Papi is sporting a white ensemble featuring a white zipper jacket from Alpha over a white Eckhaus Latta dress, Levi’s jeans, leather loafers from Gucci, and a fur bag from MM6. Her favorite brand is Radd Lounge. Follow her on Instagram.

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