Tokyo Faux Fur Coat Street Style w/ Leopard Hat, Jouetie Maxi Coat, Embroidered Tunic, Kappa, Nike & Kenzo Tote

While out for a walk on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Nanako, a 28-year-old sushi shop worker whose eye-catching blue streetwear style easily caught our eye.

Nanako is dressed in a blue faux fur maxi coat from Jouetie, which she styled with a resale white ruffle lace blouse and a green embroidered tunic top cinched with a blue belt. She donned blue Kappa track pants with orange side stripes, white Nike socks, white-and-blue Nike sneakers, a fuzzy leopard print bucket hat, and carried a blue clear tote bag from Kenzo.

Nanako loves browsing through resale shops, Jouetie is her favorite fashion brand, and she likes the music of The Elephant Kashimashi. Follow Nanako’s style feed on Instagram.

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