Tokyo Fishnet Street Fashion w/ Aqua Bangs, Gauged Earrings, Faux Leather Beret, FILA Zip-Up Top, Dolls Kill Cuffed Shorts, Garibaldi, Urban Outfitters, & Current Mood Cityscape Booties

While out and about the streets of Tokyo, we came across Evan, a 21-year-old student dressed in an eye-catching fishnet look.

Sporting aqua-colored bangs underneath a black faux leather beret, Evan Jay stepped out in a cropped zip-up shirt from FILA, which he wore over a black cropped fishnet top. He paired his layered tops with black faux leather cuffed shorts from Dolls Kill, donned black fishnet tights and stepped into a pair of Current Mood platform booties with a painted cityscape print. A black mask, silver ear piercings, large hoop earrings over gauged ears, a spiked o-ring choker, a pendant necklace, a few knuckle rings, a Daze slogan belt and silver chain accessories completed his striking ensemble. His accessories are from Garibaldi, Urban Outfitters and Spinns.

Evan Jay’s favorite fashion brand is Cote Mer and he likes the music of Taiwanese rapper, Aristophanes. For more of Evan Jay, find him on Twitter and Instagram.

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