Tokyo Girls in Fun Colorful Street Styles w/ Casper T-Shirt, One W Oh, Cayhane, Kyuso Nekokami, RRR by Sugar Spot Factory, New York Joe, Kobinai & Yosuke

Catching our eye on the street in Tokyo one late afternoon are Mai and Asuko, two Japanese students sporting colorful streetwear styles.

At the left sporting twin tails with short bangs is Asuko. The 17-year-old student’s outfit consists of an orange Casper the Friendly Ghost t-shirt from Skipper, worn over a blue shirt with extra long rainbow sleeves from One W Oh. She styled her layered shirts with blue striped pajama pants with popcorn print from One W Oh, wore colorful striped socks and slipped into colorblock New Balance suede sneakers. Asuko embellished her fun look with colorful cute knitted mittens with curly tassels from Cayhane and a dog face plushie bag from Kyuso Nekokami. Asuko likes to shop at One W Oh and Skipper, and she loves the music of Japanese punk rock band, Kyuso Nekokami. For more of her colorful fun streetwear styles, follow Asuko on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mai is clad in a blue outfit which features an oversized blue button down shirt, which she wore over a geometric print knit sweater, from Florida and RRR by Sugar Spot Factory. The 17-year-old student tucked in her layered tops into blue pleated pants from New York Joe, slipped into white platform sneakers from Yosuke, and donned accessories from Kobinai such as silver keychain earrings, a pendant necklace and multiple rings. In addition, Mai is carrying a Kermit the Frog sling bag. Little Sunny Bite and Kobinai are two of Mai’s favorite fashion brands, and she is also active on Instagram.

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