Tokyo Girls in Bold Colors & Prints w/ Ashinaga Ojisan, San-Biki No Koneko, Thank You Mart, YSL, Hermes, Kinji Harajuku, Never Mind the XU, Swimmer & Faith Tokyo

At Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, we met this group of Japanese high school girls sporting bold colors and mixed print street styles. These students are (from left to right): 16-year-old Riripon, 16-year-old Sponge Miyuu, 16-year-old Miori, and 15-year-old Mawonini. Let’s take a closer look at their fashion:

At the far left, Riripon is sporting a San-biki No Koneko zigzag print cropped blazer over a yellow turtleneck sweater, a blue maxi skirt, heeled tassel loafers from Ashinaga Ojisan, and a black hand-me-down sling bag. Her accessories include a white fuzzy hat, a pearl necklace, and a black o-ring lace belt. Riripon’s favorite brand is San-biki No Koneko and she listens to the music of Kanjani Eight and Wednesday Campanella. Follow Riripon on Twitter and Instagram.

Sponge Miyuu is wearing a butterfly print long sleeve shirt from Thank You Mart, a red YSL skirt, white stockings, plaid baby doll shoes from Dr. Martens, and a black YSL tote bag. Her accessories include eyeglasses and an Hermes printed scarf. Aymmy in the Batty Girls is her favorite fashion brand and she loves One Direction. Sponge Miyuu is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Miori’s red plaid outfit features a plaid button down dress over a ruffle top she bought in Koenji and a Kinji plaid skirt, black lace ruffle socks, platform creepers from Never Mind the XU, a black backpack and a plushie sling bag from Swimmer. Her accessories include a fuzzy beret, drop earrings bought in Koenji, and rings from Kinji, which are given to her by fashion designer Mayu Fancy. Kinji is Miori’s favorite fashion brand and she likes the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Lady Gaga. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

On the right, Mawonini is wearing a purple and black Kinji Harajuku jacket over a sleeveless top from Faith Tokyo, a yellow skirt from Kinji, black kanji print socks, King Family zipper boots, and a pink chain handbag, also from King Family. She accessorized with a hair bow, strawberry print clear glasses, white stud earrings, and a pink belt. She loves Kinji and vintage shops, and she listens to Kiss. Mawonini is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

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