Tokyo Girls Streetwear Styles w/ Green Hair, Keisuke Kanda, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tokyo Bopper & Glitter Flats

While out and about near Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku, we came across Suzune and Seira, two teen students both wearing striking streetwear ensembles.

Sporting long yellow green hair with short bangs at the left is Suzune. The 18-year-old student is dressed in handmade items, which consists of a yellow t-shirt layered over a pink sweater, a pink sheer skirt with green lace trims over a plaid skirt, and neon green socks over white tights. Beige cutout bow shoes from Tokyo Bopper, and a polka dot ruffle Cabbage Patch Kids drawstring bag completed her look. Yellow hair clips, a heart necklace and silver earrings are the finishing touches to her style. Suzune lists Jenny Fax as her fashion favorite, and she is a big fan of the Tempura Kidz. Follow Suzune on Instagram.

At the right is 19-year-old Seira, who is clad in a white-and-yellow outfit. She stepped out in a yellow t-shirt, worn over a white Keisuke Kanda sweater, which features a ruffled collar and cuffs. She paired her layered tops with a white tiered skirt with ruffle trims, and finished off her look with white ruffle socks and silver glitter flats. Seira embellished her style with a white fuzzy headpiece, a silver cocktail ring and a white Keisuke Kanda waist bag strapped across her chest. Seira is also active on Instagram.

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