Tokyo Girls Styles w/ Twin Tails, Heart Glasses, Decora Hair Clips, ACDC Rag, Gap, GU, Spinns, Sevens, Thank You Mart Plushie Bag, ABC Mart Booties & Adidas Sneakers

Catching our attention with their striking ensembles in Tokyo are Non and Moma, two 15-year-old students.

At the left is Non, whose style consist of a dark blue parka jacket with a plaid lining, a pink mock-neck shirt and cuffed denim shorts from Gap. Her tops are from GU and Gap. Pink-and-black striped socks, black platform booties from ABC Mart and a clear tote bag filled with cute plushies from Thank You Mart completed her ensemble. Her accessories – mostly handmade – consists of decora hair clips and pink pom-pom hair ties for her twin tails. Non likes to shop at WEGO and she enjoys the music of Arashi. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Moma stepped out in a furry rainbow jacket from ACDC Rag, worn over a purple The Powerpuff Girls print button down shirt – also from ACDC Rag – and paired with a pink drawstring skirt with white side stripes from Spinns. White IKEA ankle socks, white Adidas sneakers and a metallic tote bag from Sevens completed her style. Her accessories – mostly handmade – include pink hair ties, a blue star headband, pink hair clips, pink heart sunglasses, cute cylinder earrings, a blue Happy Birthday statement necklace layered with a pink hearts necklace, beaded bracelets and cute cocktail rings. Moma’s favorite fashion brand is Spinns and she loves listening to Sekai No Owari. Follow Moma’s kawaii streetwear styles on Instagram.

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