Tokyo Grunge-Inspired Streetwear Style w/ Nincompoop Capacity, Levi’s Red, Dr. Martens, Tokyo Human Experiments, DMI & Hysteric Glamour

Here’s Gero, who sported a 90s grunge style look for a casual day out on the streets of Harajuku.

The 20-year-old student donned a black ribbed tank top under a pink-and-blue striped sweater from Nincompoop Capacity, which featured ripped details and an asymmetrical hem. Gero also wore Levi’s Red denim jeans with frayed hems and large rips on the knees. On his feet are Dr. Martens Crazy Bomb black leather shoes, which he got from DMI. Shaggy hair, chipped blue nails, chunky silver rings, and a silver beaded necklace provided the finishing touches to his look. His accessories are all from Tokyo Human Experiments, DMI, and Hysteric Glamour.

Gero gets his fashion favorites from DMI Harajuku, and he names Thee Michelle Gun Elephant as his favorite musical artist. For more on Gero, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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