Tokyo Guys Pink Styles w/ Champion Comic Strip Shirt, Kobinai Graphic Top, Parachute Pants, Pink Panther Keychain, Vans & Adidas

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo are Taishi and Kazuhiro in pink outfits.

At the left is Kazuhiro, an 18-year-old student sporting a bob hairstyle with twin tails. He stepped out in a white remake Champion comic strip oversized t-shirt, worn over a collared shirt. He paired his tops with resale pastel pink parachute pants which he tucked into baby blue socks. Pink Vans sneakers and a safety pin necklace with keys rounded out his style. For more on Kazuhiro, follow him on Instagram.

Sporting pink shaggy hair with purple hair tips at the left is Taishi. The 18-year-old Busy B/Ruka staffer is dressed in a black graphic print tank top from Kobinai and resale pink striped pants. He stepped into a pair of Adidas sneakers and finished off his look with a Pink Panther plushie keychain. Taishi likes to shop at Kobinai, and he loves listening to the music of Sakanaction and Dua Lipa. Check out Taishi on Twitter and Instagram.

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