Tokyo Hair Dresser’s Eclectic Street Style w/ Teal Hair, Asymmetric Detached Collar, Patent Leather Skirt, Neon Green Tights, GIGINA Bag & Sabine Skarule Loafers

Drawing our attention on the streets of Tokyo is Ieri, a 38-year-old hair dresser with teal hair and an eclectic outfit.

Ieri stepped out in a black t-shirt with a red Kuk print, a black patent leather skirt over neon green tights and a pair of oversized red patent leather loafer shoes by Sabine Skarule. Ieri wore a face mask and embellished her style with a detached quilted asymmetric collar in sky blue and a metallic orange belt. In addition, Ieri is carrying a black reversible tote bag with pink statement stitching from GIGINA.

AM.NI is one of Ieri’s favorite fashion brands and she is active on Instagram.

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