Tokyo Handmade Monochromatic Street Style w/ Zara, Azul, Empty Noir & ASOS

Here’s Ryunosuke, whose handmade top and striking monochromatic street style caught our attention in Harajuku.

The 17-year-old student cleverly combined two shirts from Zara and Azul to create a unique black-and-white top. Ryunosuke buttoned both shirts and used the sleeves to tie them together around the waist, creating a V-shaped neckline and a cut-out detail on the back. He continued the monochromatic theme with Empty Noir black pants, which featured contrasting white panels. White socks and black leather ankle boots from ASOS provided the finishing touches to this striking minimalist look.

Ryunosuke names Dior as his favorite fashion brand, and he also enjoys listening to music from Drake on his downtime.

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