Tokyo Kawaii Styles w/ Pink Hair, Love Revolution, Kinji, Angel Blue, Daisy Lovers, Betty Boop T-Shirt, Claire’s, Handmade Canvas Tote, Yosuke & Skechers Sneakers

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku one early evening are Chi-chan and Chama, two shop staffs sporting colorful decora streetwear styles.

At the left is Chi-chan, a Kinji staffer sporting a fringed pink bob. Chi-chan is dressed in layered tops from Love Revolution and Kinji consisting of a blue button down sleeveless shirt with ruffle trims and multicolored cartoon prints, worn over an orange floral print t-shirt. She styled her tops with a resale yellow maxi skirt with colorful prints and multi-print ruffled hem, wore pink socks and stepped into Skechers canvas sneakers in white and pink colorway. Chi-chan’s numerous accessories – mostly from Angel Blue and Daisy Lovers – include a flower headband, a pink mask, a decora bead necklace, a coin purse necklace, and a pink PAPO belt with a colorblocked pouch. A handmade canvas tote bag with toy decorated pouches and ruffles capped off her multicolored style. Chi-chan mentioned that she loves to source fashionable finds in resale shops. Follow Chi-chan on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Chama stepped out in a white Betty Boop t-shirt with black contrast trims from Thank You Mart, red ball print pajama pants from Kinji and black Yosuke lace-up shoes. The 24-year-old ACDC Rag staffer styled her curly hair in twin tails, wore orange oversized hoop earrings from Claire’s, and finished off her style with a black Coleman blackpack and a black leather sling bag. Super Lovers is one of Chama’s favorite fashion brand and she likes listening to the music of Japanese idol group, NMB48. Chama is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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