Tokyo Kimono Mix Styles w/ Twin Buns, Short Bob, Uniqlo Hoodie Jacket, GU Skirt, Handmade Fashion, Coen Bag, Pointy Suede Loafers & Lace-Up Leather Shoes

In Harajuku, we came across Sayana and Lisa, two 20-year-old students whose striking ensembles easily caught our eye on the street.

At the left is Sayana, sporting a short black bob. She is dressed in a resale beige kimono jacket, a black hoodie jacket from Uniqlo and a resale black skirt. Mustard yellow socks, black lace-up leather shoes, a striped belt and a black Coen canvas tote bag completed her kimono style. Check out Sayana’s style feed on Instagram.

Meanwhile, sporting curly peach hair with twin buns is Lisa. She stepped out in a resale floral print kimono, which she wore over a white blouse with flared cuffs and a beige knit dress from GU. She donned floral print socks, stepped into a pair of suede brown pointy loafers, and carried a handmade knit drawstring bag. Her accessories – mostly handmade – include a studded hair clip, a colorful knit scarf, and a brown and orange obi belt rounded out her striking style. For more of Lisa, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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