Tokyo Menswear w/ Newsboy Cap, Leopard Print Necktie, Valentino Coat, Dee Dee Flared Pants, Colorblock Bag & Pointy Boots

Meet Taiki, a 19-year-old student we met on the Harajuku street one evening.

Sporting a black newsboy cap, Taiki stepped out in a black Valentino coat, which he wore over layers consisting of a purple button down shirt and black turtleneck top, both resale pieces. He donned black Dee Dee flared pants with subtle pink graphic prints and stepped into a pair of resale black leather pointy boots. He accessorized with a leopard print necktie and multiple knuckle rings. In addition, he is carrying a resale crocodile leather colorblock shoulder bag.

Taiki lists Gucci as his favorite fashion label and he likes listening to hip-hop music. Check out Taiki’s style feed on Instagram.

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