Tokyo Menswear w/ Single Horn Earring, Vintage Knuckle Rings, Purple Snakeskin Leather Suit, Jean Paul Gaultier Satchel Bag & Yosuke Boots

While walking along the streets of Harajuku, we came across Ginnosuke, a 19-year-old beauty school student.

Ginnosuke stepped out in a vintage purple snakeskin leather coat and matching pants, which he styled with a black t-shirt. He cinched his pants with a brown leather belt, tucked his pants into black knee-high lace-up boots from Yosuke. A single black horn earring, a black leather-strap watch and multiple vintage knuckle rings rounded out his sleek look. In addition, Ginnosuke is carrying a black Jean Paul Gaultier satchel bag.

Ginnosuke lists Avalone as his fashion favorite and he loves the music of Ging Nang Boyz. For his social media updates, follow Ginnosuke on Instagram.

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