Tokyo Mohawk Hairstyle w/ Spiked Choker, Comme des Garcons Fishnet Top, Catanzaro Pleather Pants & Maison Margiela Tabi Boots

Catching our attention with his huge black mohawk hairstyle on the streets of Harajuku is Nagi, the 19-year-old student we regularly feature in our street snaps section.

In addition to his statement-making mohawk hair, Nagi stepped out in an all-black streetwear ensemble. His outfit consists of a Comme des Garcons net top with a high-low hem, which he paired with skinny patent leather pants from Catanzaro. Black leather Maison Margiela tabi boots and accessories such as a spiked leather choker and a silver chain necklace completed his outfit. Striking black eye makeup, purple lipstick and black nail polish are the finishing touches to his look.

Check out Nagi’s different streetwear styles on Instagram.

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