All Black Tokyo Street Style w/ Twin Buns Hairstyle, Zara Hoodie Shirt, Cuffed Shorts, Fishnets, Pokemon, Kinji, MilkFed Bag & Pointy Ankle Boots

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku, we spotted Anzu, a 17-year-old Japanese student whose all black streetwear look easily caught our eye.

Anzu stepped out in an outfit from Zara, which consists of an oversized long-sleeved hoodie shirt and a pair of black denim cuffed shorts. She donned sheer thigh high socks over fishnet tights with a pair of lace-up ankle boots, also from Zara. Her accessories – from H&M, Kinji and Pokemon Center – include sheer white hair ties for her twin buns, oversized eyeglasses, a silver chain pendant necklace, and a purple-and-black belt. In addition, Anzu is sporting a black sling bag with safety pin chains from MilkFed, which is decorated with colorful keychains, badges, and Kermit The Frog.

Anzu loves to shop at Zara, and she enjoys the music of Big Bang. Follow Anzu on Instagram.

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