Tokyo Street Style w/ Aqua Hair, Chameleon City Sailor Hat, BlackEyePatch, Paria Farzaneh Iranian Print Pants, Coach Dumbo Crossbody Bag & Adidas Sneakers

Sporting a stylish look on the Harajuku street one afternoon is Shunsuke, a 19-year-old beauty school student.

Shunsuke is dressed in a white BlackEyePatch button down shirt with embroidered details and Paria Farzaneh Iranian print pants. White Adidas sneakers and vintage accessories such as a black Chameleon City Sailor hat, silver hoop earrings, a black rosary bead necklace and a polka dot print sash worn as a belt rounded out his style. In addition, Shunsuke is carrying a Coach Dumbo leather crossbody bag.

Contena Store is one of Shunsuke’s favorite brands and he is active on Instagram.

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