Tokyo Street Style w/ Black Beret, Glitter Bang by Unicorn Holic Holo Harness, Sexpot Revenge, Angelic Pretty, Anna Sui, In The Sky Maria, Bia Wazima Canvas Tote & GU

Here’s Maria, a 28-year-old fashion event organizer.

Maria is dressed in a sheer black cardigan from H&M, which she wore over a striped monochrome loose knit sweater from Sexpot Revenge and styled with black galaxy print shorts. Brown knit socks, black GU lace-up shoes and accessories such as a black suede beret, an Angelic Pretty choker, a Glitter Bang by Unicorn Holic holo harness, rings from Anna Sui and In The Sky Maria finished off her style. In addition, Maria is carrying a canvas tote bag with a tattoo skull print from Brazilian tattoo artist, Bia Wazima.

HEIHEI and Angelic Pretty are two of Maria’s favorite fashion brands and she likes listening to the music of The Novembers. For more on Maria, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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