Tokyo Street Style w/ O.Well Kitakoshigaya Nirvana Shirt, Handpainted JNCO Jeans & Dr. Martens Shoes

We easily spotted 17-year-old student Ken, whose striking outfit caught our eye in Harajuku.

He wore a black T-shirt from O.Well Kitakoshigaya, which featured a graphic print of the iconic grunge band Nirvana. Ken loosely tucked it into JNCO faded denim jeans with a flared silhouette. They also featured a contrasting blue floral panel on the back, floral patches on one knee, and an assortment of colorful drawings and scribbles. Ken styled them with an orange belt, a chain and several key rings, and black leather lace-up shoes from Dr. Martens. There’s a hint of purple on Ken’s hair, and he also wore oversized round sunglasses with purple-tinted lenses. To finish off his look, he wore a safety pin earring, a single black earring, a safety pin necklace, a chain necklace with a screw pendant, a chain bracelet, a black leather cuff, and a safety pin bracelet.

Ken enjoys listening to music from Lil Peep and posting social media updates on Instagram.

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