Gold & Black Tokyo Street Styles w/ Punyus, MYOB, Oh Pearl, Kilo Shop, Spinns, Amatunal & WC

In Shinjuku, we met 20-year-old Rimariri (left), a Kinji staff and model; and 20-year-old Manami (right), a shop staff. They are both featured regularly on our Harajuku street snaps.

At the left, blonde Rimariri is wearing a gold fuzzy turtleneck sweater from H&M, white socks with yellow stripes, and white platform sneakers from Punyus. Accessories include a yellow hair bow, mirror sunglasses, a gold neckerchief, and a transparent grommet belt, some of which she bought resale from Kilo Shop. Rimariri is also carrying a clear tote bag from Spinns. Gucci is Rimariri’s favorite brand and their favorite artist is Seiko Oomori. Follow Rimariri on Twitter and Instagram.

Manami, sporting an ombre pink braided updo, is wearing an oversized black Amatumal t-shirt dress over a Burberry long sleeve shirt and black WC wide leg pants, black canvas slip ons from Oh Pearl, and an M.Y.O.B. tote bag. She likes buying her clothes at resale shops and she loves the music of Big Bang. For her social media updates, follow Manami on Twitter and Instagram.

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