Tokyo Street Styles w/ Red Patent H&M Jacket, Vintage Fashion, Demonia, IKEA & Snakeskin Platforms

Catching our eye on the streets of Harajuku one evening are Sagumo and Mappi, both Japanese high school students.

Sporting an ash blonde fringed bob is Sagumo, whose colorful outfit consists of a red patent leather bomber jacket from H&M, a vintage multicolored button down shirt with geometric prints, and black shorts from Forever21. Black platform lace-up shoes from Demonia, vintage accessories such as a black choker, and rainbow furry leg warmers are the finishing touches to her style. In addition, the 16-year-old student is carrying a red IKEA mesh sling bag. Sagumo loves to shop at M.Y.O.B., and she is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mappi – a 17-year-old student in a blunt bob – is wearing an H&M faux fur gilet over a vintage fur coat, a neon green turtleneck top, and resale dark grey tailored pants. He completed his outfit with brown snakeskin leather platform boots from Voo De, a vintage leather handbag with fur trims, and accessories – some from Dolce & Gabbana – such as gauged earrings, a silver spider chain necklace, sunglasses, a black leather belt, a silver bracelet, and multiple silver rings. For his social media updates, follow Mappi on Instagram.

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