Tokyo Street Styles w/ Tall Mohawks, Cheek Piercing, Spiked Chokers, Y’s, Vivienne Westwood World’s End & Balenciaga Platform Crocs

Standing out on the streets of Tokyo this day are Michelle and Kifujin with their tall mohawk hairstyles and striking streetwear ensembles.

At the left is Michelle, who works at Acne Studios in Shibuya. She stepped out in a white textured long shirt from Y’s, which she styled with short black denim shorts and purple fishnet tights. Yellow Balenciaga x Crocs platform clogs with cute attachments, and accessories – mostly from Acne Studios – such as black round sunglasses, a pink spiked choker, and a black leather belt bracelet. In addition, Michelle is toting a Sailor Moon comic print tote bag and a monochrome striped umbrella. Michelle loves listening to the music of Malice Mizer, and she is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kifujin is dressed in a long shirt with geometric prints from Vivienne Westwood World’s End. The vintage fashion buyer and model slipped into black Balenciaga x Crocs platform clogs and finished off their look with a blue spiked choker, a safety pin cheek piercing, gauged ears and a black spiked leather anklet, some of which are also from Vivienne Westwood World’s End. A black duffel bag completed their ensemble. Follow Kifujin’s streetwear styles on Instagram.

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