Tokyo Streetwear Styles w/ Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood, MYOB NYC, Demonia, Haight&Ashbury, Tokyo Bopper & Dolls Kill

We met Syozo, Ayano and Rino, 18-year-old fashion college students whose street styles attracted our attention on the street in Tokyo near Bunka Fashion College.

Syozo – sporting a blonde bob – is wearing a doodle-print double-breasted coat over a black crumpled satin button down shirt, and black drop crotch pants, all of which are from the legendary Japanese streetwear brand Comme des Garcons. He added Dolls Kill black platform zipper boots with block heels and Vivienne Westwood armor rings and knuckle rings to complete his outfit. He is on both Instagram and Twitter.

At the middle is Rino, whose interesting style consists of a vintage collarless coat with a contrast white trim, which she wore over layered peach lace top and white ruffle neck blouse from Haight & Ashbury. She styled them with a pleated tiered skirt of differing black hues, black ankle socks, and white platform ankle-wrap shoes from Tokyo Bopper. She accessorized with butterfly earrings, silver knuckle rings, and a silver harem bracelet – some of which are from MYOB NYC. In addition, she is touting a Tokyo Bopper white crossbody bag with cutout trims. Rino’s fashion favorite is Tokyo Bopper, and she likes the music of Sheena Ringo and Suchmos. Rino is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, purple-haired Ayano’s style is comprised of a black long sleeve button down shirt, tucked into a black midi skirt with sheer lace top panel and cinched with a black leather belt. Purple argyle socks, black platform lace-up shoes from Demonia, and Vivienne Westwood silver orb pendant necklace and a black crocodile leather handbag finished off her dark street style. Ayano’s favorite fashion label is Vivienne Westwood, and she enjoys the music of Kenshi Yonezu. For more on Ayano, follow her on Instagram.

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