Tokyo Girls Streetwear w/ Hellgarden BKK, Drug Honey, Prada, (ME)Harajuku, Vetememes & Yohji Y-3

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku one late afternoon, we came across Megumi and Maria, whose monochrome styles easily caught our attention.

At the left is 16-year-old Maria, sporting twin blonde braids. She is dressed in a dark grey blazer from Hikaru, styled with a black Hellgarden BKK sweatshirt with white sleeves, with the hem knotted at the waist. She finished off her style with black cutout strap pants, platform lace-up boots from Drug Honey, and a black Prada backpack. She embellished her style with accessories – some from (ME) Harajuku – such as orange-tinted sunglasses, a black leather choker with silver spikes and o-rings, a silver pendant necklace, black leather spike cuffs, a double-grommet belt, an o-ring belt and silver chains. Maria loves to listen to hip-hop music. She posts street style on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Megumi stepped out in a black oversized Vetememes hoodie sweater over a black turtleneck top with a silver o-ring zipper pendant, which she both tucked into black shorts with a pleated skirt panel. White Y-3 socks, black Adidas Yeezy 500 sneakers, and a black WEGO crossbody bag with purple and green panels completed her style. The 16-year-old shop staff accessorized her look with mismatched earrings, a skinny black leather belt, and a black leather leg harness. Megumi loves to shop at Never Mind the XU, and she likes listening to the music of Pentagon. Follow Megumi on Instagram.

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