Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Half-Color Twin Braids, Septum Ring, WEGO Plaid Jacket, ME Harajuku Venus Print, Sailor Moon Necklace & Yosuke Boots

Sporting an eye-catching half-color twin braids and striking ensemble on the Harajuku street one afternoon is Hinami, a 16-year-old student.

Hinami stepped out in a purple plaid puffer jacket from WEGO, worn over a Venus print mock-neck shirt from (ME) Harajuku and paired with black skinny jeans from Uniqlo. Yosuke platform zipper boots with floral embroidery, a black WEGO front-mesh sling bag, and accessories – mostly resale and from Spinns – such as a silver septum ring, a silver chain necklace with a Sailor Moon pendant and a gold butterfly ring rounded out her style.

Hinami loves to shop at (ME) Harajuku and she enjoys the music of Melanie Martinez. Follow Hinami’s social media updates on Twitter.

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