All Black Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Zara, Never Mind the XU Snakeskin Pants, Choker w/ Body Chain & Attagirl Lace-Up Shoes

In Shibuya near the Vantan Fashion College, we came upon Ririka, an 18-year-old student whose chic all black streetwear style caught our eye.

Ririka is wearing a black blazer from Zara, worn over a black button down long sleeve shirt, also from Zara. She donned black snakeskin pants from Never Mind the XU, and stepped into a pair of black lace-up high top shoes from Attagirl. Never Mind the XU accessories such as a black O-ring choker with an attached silver body chain, a black leather belt, silver chains and a silver knuckle ring. In addition, Ririka is toting a black leather top handle handbag with embroidered floral details.

Never Mind the XU is Ririka’s fashion favorite, and she loves the music of South Korean boy band, BTS. Visit Ririka’s style feed on Instagram.

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