Tokyo Style w/ Red Sunglasses, Black Coat, Printed Shirt, Never Mind the XU, Alpen 1200 Sling Bag & Never Mind the XU Platforms

Sporting a monochrome streetwear look in Harajuku is Momo, a 17-year-old part-timer.

With a braided bob hairstyle, Momo stepped out in a black coat with contrast white stitching, worn over layers consisting of a black ribbed sweater and a white printed t-shirt. She donned black drawstring track pants with contrast white stitching, and stepped into black platform lace-up shoes, both of which are from Never Mind the XU. Momo accessorized her style with red sunglasses, a single earring, a labret piercing, layered necklaces, a round t-shirt badge, silver chains and multiple knuckle rings. In addition, Momo is carrying a round Alpen 1200 sling bag.

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