Tokyo Style w/ Twin Buns, Heart Eye Makeup, Tiered Skirt, Sinz Radio Crossbody Bag & Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots

While out and about on the Harajuku street one afternoon we street-snapped Miyabilly, the 18-year-old student we often feature.

In addition to her eye-catching red heart eye makeup and twin buns hairstyle, Miyabilly is dressed in a white button down shirt with embroidered patches – her grandma’s. She half-tucked her shirt into a resale red tiered skirt, donned black-and-white striped socks, and stepped into black leather Dr. Martens chelsea boots to complete her ensemble. Miyabilly embellished her style with pom pom hair ties, a creative heart eye makeup, face piercings, a black spiked choker, multiple rings and a double grommet belt. In addition, Miyabilly is toting a black patent leather Sinz radio crossbody bag.

Miyabilly mentions that she likes to shop at RNA and Funny Western, and that she loves the music of X Japan. For more of her streetwear styles, follow Miyabilly on Instagram.

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