Tokyo Teen Street Styles w/ Candy Stripper, Honwakapappa, Kinji, Shimamura, Syunsoku, Don Quixote, Pretty Boy Gear, & Mikansei

We spotted two teenage students in their contrasting street styles as they walked around Harajuku.

On the left is 17-year-old Yumi in a Nike gray jacket and Dickies purple pants. She also wore a vintage printed sweater and Nike Air Force white sneakers. Strapped across her chest is a black crossbody bag from Pretty Boy Gear. Bright red lips and a black bob with bangs and adorned with Mikansei hair clips completed her look. Yumi loves shopping at Club Sexy and listening to music from Sushiboys. She is also active on both Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Nanase donned a Candy Stripper black jacket with tiny panda bears on the sleeves. She also wore a black graphic print top from Honwakapappa and pale blue shorts with frill trims from Kinji. Nanase styled them with white tights and Syunsoku pink sneakers. She also had on a pink crossbody bag from Shimamura decorated with different cartoon characters. Her accessories – some of which are from Don Quixote – include panda socks and Doraemon hair clips. As for her favorites, Nanase loves shopping at Kinji and listening to music from St. Pri. For more on Nanase, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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