Tokyo Unicorn Pastel Fashion w/ Multicolored Hair, Kanji Earrings, 6%DokiDoki Setup, Tiered Handkerchief Skirt, Glem Handmade Accessories, Satchel Sling Bag & Demonia Metallic Boots

Standing out on the streets of Tokyo with her unicorn pastel streetwear look is Emiry, the 6%DokiDoki staffer and a handmade accessory designer we often feature.

With her multicolored pastel hair styled in loose curls, Emiry stepped out in a sheer powder blue 6%DokiDoki button down dress worn unbuttoned and featuring pearl buttons, pink ruffled lace collar trims and multicolored lace hem trims. The 22-year-old street style personality cinched her waist with a pink braided belt, then paired her dress with a white sleeveless knit top and a sheer multicolored handkerchief skirt, both of which are also from 6%DokiDoki. Powder blue glitter fabric socks, two-tone metallic platform boots from Demonia and a pink satchel sling bag with fur trims from Korea completed her outfit. Emiry styled her hair with multiple pastel hair bows and hair clips along with a flesh-toned face mask and pastel colored face stickers and makeup. Her accessories include kanji earrings, layered bead necklaces, a 6%DokiDoki bagde, stacked bead bracelets, a cherub ring, a heart ring and a kawaii teddy bear keychain. Some of her accessories are handmade from her own brand, Glem while some are sourced from 6%DokiDoki.

Japanese kawaii fashion brand, 6%DokiDoki and Spiny Cream are Emiry’s fashion favorites and she enjoys music by Block B and Woodz. Follow Emiry on Instagram.

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