Toman & Sadao’s Colorful Minimalist Street Styles w/ Kawi Jamele, Limi Feu, Gucci & Vivienne Westwood

While walking along the street on the Harajuku neighborhood, we were lucky to spot popular Japanese musicians Sadao and Toman of XOX, who caught our eye with their colorful minimalist fashion styles.

At the left is Sadao, who is dressed in an orange fuzzy sweater from Zara, vintage leather pants, and black velvet booties. He is carrying a printed envelope long clutch, and accessories such as a black beret, sunglasses, a black leather body harness, and multiple silver rings. Balenciaga and Gucci are his favorite brands. Sadao is active on Instagram, follow him!

Toman, who is sporting long aqua hair with pink hair tips, is wearing a black Kawi Jamele button down long coat with faux fur sleeves, over a black top from Limi Feu, vintage skinny jeans, and purple patent leather platform booties, also from Kawi Janele. Hanging from his shoulder is a Gucci snake print sling bag with a striped strap, and he accessorized with clear glasses and an armor ring from Vivienne Westwood. Follow Toman on Twitter and Instagram.

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