Trendy Japanese Streetwear Styles w/ Never Mind The XU, MYOB NYC, Hellgarden bkk, Another Youth & Demonia

Maria and Megumi are two Japanese teens who are always on the leading edge of Harajuku streetwear trends. Megumi has become a Harajuku style icon, and she now works part time at Never Mind The XU, one of the trendiest boutiques in the neighborhood.

16-year-old Megumi, on the right with purple twintails, is wearing a dress by the Korean streetwear brand Another Youth, a utility vest style purse by the Japanese streetwear brand MYOB NYC, tall lace up Demonia boots, and Never Mind The XU accessories including a chain belt and oring choker. Megumi’s favorite shop is Never Mind The XU and she likes the music of the K-Pop groups Pentagon and Twice. Megumi posts fashion photos on Instagram and Twitter.

15-year-old student Maria, on the left with orange hair, is wearing a utility vest from Never Mind The XU over a Hellgarden bkk t-shirt, orange high waist wide leg pants, platform boots, and accessories from Never Mind The XU. Never Mind The XU is Maria’s favorite shop. She likes the music of Salu and hip hop artists. Follow Maria on Instagram.

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